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Welcome To Piano Technology 6


     Hello!  My name is Mrs. Williams and I am looking forward to our time in piano technology together.  I am very excited about this year as our lab has been chosen to be a test site for a brand new music reading program.
The program was written by Dr. Christopher Hepp from Kansas University and he came to install the program on August 11-13th.  I am very anxious to see how you like it and how it affects the way you learn to read music. 
This means that we will also need to video tape many of our classes and I will need you to return a permission form signed by your parents.

    In the beginning class you will learn to read music and we use a program in our computers called Music Ace to help you become more familiar with your notes and piano keys.

If you would like to receive extra credit you may check out one of these links and bring back a signed practice form.  (See Mrs. Williams)

Would you like to do some listening?  (You may return same practice form for extra credit.)