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     Sing for Joy!      

Ellen Brown

If you can talk, you can sing. If you can walk, you can dance.
- proverb from Zimbabwe


Birds do it, and so should you!
  First, don't worry about how you sound! Second, don't worry about how you sound! Third, don't worry about how you sound!  

So, have I mentioned that you shouldn't worry about how you sound?

Singing is an elemental part of being human. Every culture, throughout history, has included singing in socialization and ritual. It is as natural as talking, laughing and playing games.

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Still not convinced you can, may and should sing? Or do you need some ideas of when, where and how to sing? Here are some:

Sing alone

Singing is good for your mental, emotional and physical health. You can use it to pass the the time or express your deepest feelings. Singing fills your lungs with air, your body with pleasure, and your heart with joy! Here is more information about the benefits of singing:

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Singing For The Health Of It

BBC News | HEALTH | Singing through the pain barrier

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Sing with family and friends

Don't wait for a formal invitation or a special occasion. Just start a favorite song. Sing in the car or the living room, sing a lullaby to your little one every night (or even better, to your older children or your spouse!). Sing to your dog as you walk. As the greyhound below demonstrates, he might just sing along!

picture coutesy of GreyhoundGang

What should you sing? Whatever's in your mind, or you can start with some basic folk songs and rounds:

Great Sites For Kids!

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Songs for Children Theme Page

Sing for occasions

Don't just stop at Happy Birthday!  Have singing parties, and go through favorite songs in a category, such as Broadway tunes, the songs of your ethnic heritage, the popular music from your teenage years. or to sing through a Gilbert and Sullivan operetta. There as many ideas for music parties as there are styles of music.

Sing with an organized group

Join a community chorus or the choir at your place of worship. Many are willing to make accomodations for those who do not read music.

I'll sing, but my husband (wife, son, daughter . . . ) won't!

Sadly, our culture sometimes creates an atmosphere that discourages participation if one's skills are not the best. This is tough to get around, especially for children. But here are some ideas

Do real men sing?
 There is sometimes a stigma on singing for men and boys, just one of those strange things that has cropped up in our society -- in most  cultures throughout history, singing has always been a masculine activity. Do real men sing? The answer is a resounding "Coitenly!"

By now I hope you are convinced that everyone should just open up and sing! That said (and I still don't want you to worry about how you sound, really!), there are preferable ways to sing. This is especially important for children, so they can sing a tune rather than talking, and to keep the throat healthy.

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Singing and Health.

Share the joy and SING!