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(A one string musical instrument)

view of monochord

The monochord was the first musical instrument used to develop scales.

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Musical scales were first developed by Pythagoras

Pythagoras (585-497 BCE)

Legendary presocratic philosopher whose followers studied mathematics, astronomy, and music in their pursuit of lives of harmony with the natural world. The work of the Pythagoreans is known to us only through fragmentary reports in the writings of other philosophers. According to Aristotle, for example, the Pythagoreans held that the ultimate constituents of all material objects are numbers, perhaps understood as geometrical points. Apparently they also held with religious devotion that souls are naturally immortal and therefore transmigrate at death to other human or animal bodies.

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Also see IEP, John Burnet, Anthony F. Beavers, ColE, Charles Ess, ISM, ELC, TTSB, BIO, noesis, and MMT.

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The Octave

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The Fourth

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The Monochord

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