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melodies from the heart

Original Music For All Occassions

    Although many people have a favorite song which reminds them of a special time or occassion in their life, very few have a song specifically composed for them.  Special events occur all the time throughout our lifetime and we are always looking for a way to celebrate with our loved ones and friends in a way that will be forever etched in their hearts and minds.  Many of us remember the very first song our mom sang to us when we were little or the popular song that was playing when we fell in love.  Music has a way of highlighting special times that can only be recaptured with pictures, fond memories and such.

    Mollene Music was begun to offer a special way to show our loved ones and friends just how much we care with a song.  This music is personalized to use names, dates, and other personal facts to enhance the moment that is being celebrated.  I believe that music comes from the heart.  Music is at the core of our being.  Music is always in included in celebrations.  It is a joy and privilidge to be able to create original tunes to make another person happy.  I am so fortunate that all of the original songs that I have composed for others have been a hughe success.  I would like to write a song just for you!!  This song will be custom made in any style that you wish.  It can be jazzy, bluesy, classical, gospel-like, or similar to a show tune or ballad.  Let's not forget a rhythm and bluesy style or even an exciting rock style!

    Mollene M. Fowlkes is a composer, pianist, vocalist, arranger, copyist and transcriber.  She is currently teaching vocal music at Garfield Elementary School in the District Of Columbia where she has taught vocal music for 23 years.  She has written many songs for children and also composed many songs for the SGI-USA  Chorus of Washington, DC.  Her originals have been performed at the Publick Playhouse in Cheverly, Md., the Millinneum Stage at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC and other historical sites in the Washington, Metropolitan area.
    An original song will be written especially for you.  It could be a song commemorating a special event or it could be a song for a family member or friend.  A song celebrating a birthday, retirement, anniversay, wedding, job promotion, graduation, etc.  In order to facilitate accuracy in the song you should submit the following information:
  1. Person's name
  2. Name of husband, children
  3. Favorite Color, food, hobbies, places
  4. Personality, quirks, likes, dislikes
  5. Favorite, funny, sayings
  6. accomplishments, etc.
  7. Any other personal highlight that would relate to the purpose of the song
  8. Favorite kinds of music
    You will receive a full score of the music of your original song.  It will be included in the presentation package.  If you wish to have any picture, etc. on the music you can do so.  The package comes with one copy of the music.  You may request additional copies.

    The song will be recorded and performed by Mollene Music.  If you wish to sing/perform on the recording you can make that request.

    Your package will be presented in booklet form. It will include a cd with beautiful graphics and label. It will also include a picture of your own choosing on the front with graphics that will say the name of the song.  The second page will have a personalized greeting or note from the person and/or persons who requested the writing of the song. You could also include a family picture, picture of a favorite animal, place or thing.  The next page will include a music copy of the song.  The last page will be a copy of the words and any and all other requested items.

    Email: or call Mollene Music at (202) 636-9273