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Grade one (page still under construction)

 Aunt Dinah

Leader: "Aunt Dinah's Gone!"
"Aunt Dinah's Gone!"

Leader: "Howdid she go?"
"Howdid she go?"

Leader: "She went like this!" (leader makes a brief move)
"She went like this!" (all copy leader's move)

Leader: "No, she went like this!" (leader makes a different brief move)
All: "No, she went like this!"(all copy leader's second move)

All sing: "She lives in the country, gonna move to town,
Gonna shimmy and shake 'til the sun goes down!"

IMPORTANT RULES (hey, every game has rules!): No one is permitted to move their feet during the spoken part or the song. The leader must speak expressively, and all must copy the leader's style. The song must be sung in singing voice, not spoken or shouted.

Brother Mitch (to the tune of London Bridge) -- lyrics by Alan Katz

Brother Mitch keeps falling down, throughout town, he's a clown!
When he falls, he wears a frown. Tie his laces!

Double knots will tie them tight. He falls left, he falls right.
He's a walking bandage sight! Tie his laces!

Tie them twenty times and then, not again! They're open.
Think I got a better plan -- buy him Velcro!