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Music Technology
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This page links to class projects completed by students at 
West Chester University and Kent State University 
in the summer of 2001.

Music technology holds much potential 
for improving education. The Technology 
Institute for Music Educators (TI:ME) has 
identified seven areas of technology which 
hold particular promise for music teachers: 
notation, sequencing, electronic instruments, 
instructional software, Internet, and multimedia. 
The sites found here further illustrate the use 
of the Internet as an instructional tool.

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Check out the following links:

Technology Institute for Music Educators
 Music Education at West Chester University


 Links to Student Projects:
West Chester
Kent State

Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

J Walls - Bassman

K McCaskey - Children's Choir of Lancaster 

D Burkholder - Organ Music

K Parsons - Instrumental Solos

L Kovack - Recorder

T Miller - Listening Guide

A Wen - Woodwind Tech

L Scherling - Recorderama

On the Web With Mr. B.

Musical Form

Music Get Connected

Music Fundamentals

Elementary Instrumental

Music Educators Guide to Technology

Welcome to the Q Zone

Midleps Music Homepage

Chardon High School Show Choir

Miss Wells on the Web

Latest News: TI:ME and MENC hold joint conferences in 2002!